Now, some useful shit.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’ve got nothing better to do on a Saturday than scroll aimlessly through the listless ramblings of someone who says fuck too much. Maybe the sports are sportsing too much, or not sportsing enough, or maybe your Friday night hangover hasn’t worn off yet and you just need a bright screen to partner with your Gatorade and Advil to draw you out of your whiskey-fueled stupor. At any rate, welcome!

In today’s episode of “Shit Adam thinks about money” we’ll be listing off some useful websites and ideas for getting your shit together. Financially, that is. The point here being that I am but a high school graduate with some AP classes under my belt when it comes to financial education but the ideas laid out below have served me well and I intend that someone far more intelligent than myself will take note and add their own two cents.

First things first, Pride is one of the seven deadliest for a fucking reason. Let that shit go, yesterday. If the words “I don’t want to impose” have ever crossed your lips in a situation where whatever you were going to impose upon was something you actually needed, you’re a god damn fool. I’d rather get where I’m going knowing I had to bum a ride or two then to never get there at all. With that in mind, that doesn’t mean you never have to say thank you, pay it forward, pay it back, or just bow your head and acknowledge that your success in a particular matter is due to someone else’s kindness.

Side note: If you’re in a position of high praise, power, or accomplishment, and you think you got there all by yourself, you’re wrong. Stop helping people or accepting the help of others and see how quickly it all falls to shit.

Next, know how much money you have! Or don’t have for that matter. It blows my mind how many people don’t take advantage of banking websites, smartphone apps, or the everyday excel document. If you’re over the age of 15 and can’t tell me how much money you have right now, the list of apps below would go a long way toward helping you get your shit together:

  1. Mint 
  2. Acorns
  3. Penny

Each of these is free and will do something to the effect of helping you create a budget, categorize your spending, and roll over any extra that you haven’t spent into a savings account. I also make solid use of apps for my bank and credit card companies. Gone are the days of balancing your checkbook at the end of the month because honestly, who wants to spend time hand-writing a ledger that says you aren’t rich. It’s depressing. On the other hand, these apps give you a snapshot of your finances at the touch of a button and can automate your savings. I highly recommend figuring out what you want to save in total each month and breaking that number down to a per paycheck or per day figure. This way, you can break it into small chunks without feeling the weight of taking that amount from your spending budget all at once.  For example, saving $300 a month works out to $10 a day or $100 a week or $150 a paycheck.

But, as well all know, figuring out how much you’re gonna save will only take you so far. It’s being smart about spending that will make or break you. I’ve touched on it a little in previous posts but if there’s any way to avoid it, never pay full price! In some instances, easier said than done. Below are some suggestions to help bring down the costs of some regular purchases.

  1. Skip Lagged
  2. Amazon Kindle Unlimited
  3. Bargain Websites
  4. Fuel Saver Programs is a website that basically finds one way flights where your real destination is the layover point and it ends up being cheaper than a direct flight would have been otherwise. I recently saved $200 on roundtrip tickets to Milwaukee for work by buying them separately through Skip Lagged.

Everyone knows Amazon but I don’t think many people know how extensive their music and book programs are. For $10 a month you can stream almost everything Amazon has in their music library and for another $10 you have access to thousands of books that can be downloaded to your kindle or a smartphone with the kindle app. Not that this will make you the next Rockefeller but it’s SUPER cheap entertainment.

The link above for Bargain websites will take you to an article that lists 13 of the best bargain sites. These are great for holiday shopping or just shit you want but probably can’t afford new. A lot of the best deals on the sites will be closeout, clearance, or last year’s model but if that’s the kind of thing that would bother you, stop reading and go polish your fine china because you clearly have too much money.

Last but not least, link number four will take you to my favorite grocery store’s fuel saver program. Hy-Vee and other similarly sized grocery chains will give you discounts on gas when you buy your groceries from them. It might seem like small potatoes but if you’re buying food for a family or driving a lot, it can add up to big savings.

That’s it for today. Clearly there are a million more apps, websites, trick, tools, and other forms of witchcraft and wizardry that can help you become financially independent. If you have one you’d recommend, let us know.


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